Whitehall, a ‘Pocket of Paradise’ in Boca Del Mar



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At Whitehall Condominiums at Camino Real, attention to detail and comfort prevail.

The common areas contain amenities such as two clubhouses with bathrooms, kitchen facilities and a spacious card/party room. There are two heated pools surrounded by umbrellas, chairs and lounges for the “sun-birds.”

The pillared buildings stand stark white against the clear Florida sky. The contrast of the white buildings, the green landscaping and the blue sky create a visual treat for anyone driving into the complex. The road around the complex winds around the lakes and trees and provides a well-designed and attractive walking path of approximately two miles.

If you were to walk around the complex on any day and speak with the residents, you would undoubtedly get some insights into why they enjoy living at Whitehall.

Whitehall is managed by Phoenix Management Services, Inc. to visit them on-line please click here.

We are run by an elected Board of Directors (BOD). A Budget/Finance Committee and a Building Committee work together with the Board to provide for the best possible attention to maintenance and repairs. Throughout the year, other temporary committees are formed to handle special projects.

The people who make the decisions about the complex are people who live at Whitehall. They manage with the knowledge that every decision affects them personally and that makes the special difference.